For those who cannot come to Avebury, I also do national and international Tarot Readings Online. 


Your setting is your own home, or wherever you choose.  Clients find the Online Readings equally effective as Face to Face Readings - (please take a moment to look through my clients reviews of their Online Tarot Readings.)  

So you are invited to book an Online Tarot Reading below.  You will receive an email confirming your Reading date and time and a link which you will click on to join me for the Reading.  We will see each other and the cards as they are drawn at your instruction.  The Reading then begins.

You will be drawn in and absorbed in the Reading and all but unaware we may be thousands of miles apart.  Energy is not restricted or lessened by distance or geography, nor are the influences informing the Reading.     

You are welcome to record the Reading and, of course, take a picture of your spread at the end.  If requested, I will send you an email of the Reading, with the Card's names included and a brief summary.  Readings are £40.00 for the first Reading and are normally a minimum of 40 minutes.  Any subsequent Readings are £30.00. 

You can request a Reading below.