Avebury Henge, with Silbury Hill


Engineering the Energies in a Ritual Landscape

Earth is very much a living entity or body, with elements similar to ours. Like us, it is 70% water, it has chakras, meridians, veins and articulations and subtle bodies. This is why our human bodies can communicate with Earth through resonance. 

And Earth has a consciousness. It is aware of itself, spinning through the cosmos, awash in magnetic and electric currents which resonate through the entire planet. It experiences itself. It sings its song. 

Unlike most humans today who have divorced themselves from their environment and closed their ears to its song, our ancestors heard it and knew it well. And they were aware that some places on Earth, like Avebury, have extra powerful vibrations, where feminine and masculine elements blend together to create an exceptional energy flow. 

The stone circles were built on a powerful 'node' where the telluric currents, or Earth energies interweave and  bisect each other.  The strongest of these energy currents are the St Michael and St Mary lines.  They come on land at the tip of Cornwall and run westwards across the country to the eastern tip of Norfolk and beyond.  The Hurlers, Glastonbury Tor, Avebury and other ancient neolithic sites were all built along their path.

These energetic currents emanate from the Earth’s core and have been measured at a height of five kilometres, so they are more like energetic walls and corridors than lines. (Birds are thought to migrate along these corridors.)

So our ancestors were masters of what we call today Geobiology - the knowledge of the interaction and influence of the earth (geos) on living beings (bios).  Building a megalithic structure like the Avebury stone circles there manipulated the flow of Earth energy, concentrating the electrical charge in the ground and ‘bunching up’ the energy lines.  True energy engineering.

They read the earth on a vibrational level.  And the architecture of Avebury was aligned and in perfect harmony with the earth energy.  The whole site was designed to ‘plug’ into the telluric currents, amplifying the effect and slowing them down to disperse the energy within the surroundings of the complex - the technology of harmonic resonance.

And it’s not just the Avebury stone circles creating these energetic phenomena - the ditches around them are an equally important part of their engineering.  They scraped away the topsoil, exposing the chalk underneath. Rain water seeping through the chalk separated into negative and positive charges, causing an electrical current in the ground with its associated magnetic field, amplifying the energetic power of the site.

It must have been a truly breath-taking moment when people approached the Avebury site, processing along one of the avenues of alternately male/female stones leading to the great henge itself.  Then seeing the huge, listening, white chalk banks surrounding the main and inner circles of stones. Entering  was like passing into a gateway to higher realms, and the high levels of energy there were like food for their souls.  

Avebury Henge itself, is the largest stone Circle in the world and the whole Avebury complex includes Silbury Hill,  the largest neolithic man-made mound in Europe, a metaphor for the pre-eminent Stone Age natural world deity, Mother Earth.  It also encompasses the Sanctuary Circle, the West Kennet and Beckhampton Avenues, Swallowhead Spring, Windmill Hill, the West Kennet Longbarrow, Merlin's Mount and yet further neolithic sites and features.  It is an enigmatic and energetic phenomena on a humbling scale.

I cannot imagine a more auspicious place to connect with the energy of the Tarot.


The Henge Shop

This is Avebury's much loved Henge Shop, an Aladdins Cave of esoteric books, crystals, fossils, maps and charts, Tibetan singing bowls, Tarot cards, beautiful jewellery, runes, holistic remedies, natural material clothes and really so much more. Everything is ethically sourced and presented with love, care, respect and integrity, hallmarks of the owners, Philippe and Dominique Ullens.

It is also my favourite place to do Tarot Readings, in one of the beautiful, atmospheric rooms, overlooking the stones in Avebury's south west quadrant.