About myself - Ivan

With my partner Pia, Bob (dragon dog) & Bear (lion dog) in Hackpen Hill crop circle - 2018

With my partner Pia, Bob (dragon dog) and Bear (lion dog) in Hackpen Hill crop circle - 2018

My Tarot journey began in 1974 in a hall in North London - it was love at first sight! I had been introduced to Leo, founder of the Emin Foundation. That's him below and yes, he was as awesome as he looks! 

I joined a small group of people, interested in studying an eclectic range of esoteric subjects under Leo's guidance, including of course, the Tarot. The attention and context for our work was predominantly the 'unseen' influences at play - an early introduction to quantum mechanics! 

Over the years we developed our experiences with natural Earth energies, the phenomena of the human aura - our own energy bodies and higher senses and faculties, essential to having some understanding of the human potential and, of course, to insightful interpretations of the Tarot cards. 

During that time the Tarot of Frownstrong was created, again, under Leo's tutelage. Each week we would work on one card from the Major Arcana and a particularly artistic member would start by drawing a large blank card in chalk on the floor. 

Leo would then prowl around the circle of people talking about the card, its core meanings, energetic connections and astrological and numerological influences. Figures, symbols, pictures, hieroglyphics, were added to the card until it captured its intrinsic essence, frequency and energy. 

The artwork was created and printed based on photographs of those chalked drawing.  They became the Tarot of Frownstrong pack, which I treasure and still use today. 

I did my first Tarot Readings on Saturdays in Camden Market, when it was just one enclosed hall and a dozen or so stalls in the courtyard. With each reading my wonder and respect for the Tarot grew, as did my relationship with its enigmatic cards. 

Since those early days I have done many readings and never stop learning more about this amazing art form - it is truly an ancient art in modern times. 

In 2000 I met another teacher - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - founder of the Art of Living and, together with the Dalai Lama, the International Association of Human Values (IAHV). I consider myself blessed to have spent twelve heart, mind and eye-opening years with him in India, Australia, Germany, France, Indonesia, Spain, New Zealand and of course, the UK. 

“A violence-free society, disease-free body, stress-free mind, inhibition-free intellect, trauma-free memory, and a sorrow-free soul is the birthright of every individual.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. 

I learnt, and later taught, his amazing courses which included Vedic breathing techniques, Yoga and Meditation. He definitely awakened my heart and mind and I later became president of the foundation in Australia and a director of the IAHV. 

Literally many millions of people in over 150 countries have benefited from his extensive humanitarian work and his inspirational and transformational teachings. I love starting the day with a little gentle Yoga, some of his Breathing practices and a Meditation. 

I also had the privilege of knowing and working with Stella Cornelius, also in Australia. An extraordinary and truly inspired lady, she was the founder of the Conflict Resolution Network. 

It's vision is the creation of a conflict-resolving community in a culture of peace and social justice. She was a profound inspiration to me, as to so many others. Her work continues to be a beacon of hope in the vast numbers of human conflicts that exist around the world today. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have had such opportunities to learn from these teachers and grow from the profound experiences they all led me to. I hope my Tarot Readings draw on the wisdom, understanding and compassion for the human condition they so lovingly conveyed.                                                                                    

My Teachers



Founder - The Emin and The Eminent Way

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Founder - The Art of Living Foundation and the International Association of Human Values

Stella Cornelius


Founder - The Conflict Resolution Network