Most of my face to face Tarot Readings are done in the beautiful Avebury Henge Shop. The room overlooks the awesome standing stones in the south west quadrant of Avebury - a truly spectacular setting for a Reading! 

My Tarot Readings open a ‘window’ through which together we view your current experiences of life from a new perspective. You will likely recognise the patterns and influences, good or unhelpful, that are active on your path or in your consciousness. It can be a wake up call - a starting point and an inspirational opening to clarity, understanding and often, compassion for yourself and others in your life. 

There’s something profound about ‘seeing’ your life story at that time, represented by the icons, hieroglyphics and symbology of the cards and where they appear in your 'spread'. The Readings throw new light on what you are experiencing and the events playing out in your life. While it cannot emphatically predict the future, it will indicate supporting influences, obstacles, directions you are moving in and towards and the likely outcomes, were you not to deviate from your current path. 

However we often have more choices than we think and the Readings are often a catalyst to change. Most people having a Reading will recognise instinctively what the cards are showing them, yet somehow, seeing the picture unfold in front of them, like a draw back veil, resonates strongly. 

You are welcome to record the Reading and, of course, take a picture of your spread at the end.  Readings are £30.00 and are normally a minimum of 40 minutes long.  

So I invite you to enjoy an inspiring, awakening and highly enjoyable Tarot Reading with me at the fabulous Henge Shop. You can request a Reading below.                    

Tarot Reading Request

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