Thank you much for the wonderful inspired tarot reading and your kind words, deep compassion and with so much wisdom.   Elizabeth – USA

This just briefly to thank you so very much for our reading earlier today.  What a beautiful energy you hold for this work.   Victoria – Switzerland

Thank you very much for this beautiful Reading. Such a clear perspective came through at this time of the year. May God bless you and your work.   Elena – Germany

All you told me from the cards needs some time to sink in, they are already valuable!  Thank you for sharing the remarkable path of you and your partner: it felt special!  I’m thankful to have met you. You’re an intriguing person.   Josselien – Holland

I want to thank you for your reading which was inspirational on a number of levels.   Jo – UK 

I’ve been meaning to send you an email and say thanks again for quite frankly the best tarot reading I’ve ever had. Your energy is so genuine and good, I don’t come across many people with that kind of energy. Arzu - Turkey


I had the most amazing reading with Ivan recently. He took the time to tune in to me and gave me the time to tune into the cards. As a result, he was able to interpret my tarot spread with great insight. We jointly explored the themes that revealed themselves and by the end of the reading I had found a clear way forward which was very powerful. So thank you Ivan. Blessed Be & Beyond.   Claire - UK

My wife had a great tarot reading with the brilliant Ivan which she definitely recommends.  J - York

I recently travelled from London to Avebury and was fortunate enough to have a tarot reading with Ivan. He is truly something special. From the first moment I met him, I felt a strong energy and connection that I’ve never felt before. The tarot reading was very insightful and he interpreted everything in such a way, I really felt like I gained some very important insights. This was the best tarot reading I’ve ever had and I would highly recommend it! Thanks Ivan. Opal - UK

Your reading was most insightful and enjoyable and I feel lighter and brighter for it.   C – UK

I followed a hunch, pure intuition and accepted the adventure from a friend to have a Tarot Reading with Ivan Brownrigg. To disentangle thoughts clogging portals to the stars, see Ivan Brownrigg!  He guides souls right smack-dab to their greatness and shines his seeing into your journey. Thanks Ivan, you are supreme in your genuine teaching and insights.   Daniela - USA


Thank you so much for agreeing to see my friend (name withheld) at Avebury today. You have certainly helped to achieve incredible clarity for her regarding her situation. She was sceptical about readings before this and was a little nervous on our journey to you. 

However, you quickly put her at ease and were able to communicate a lot of stuff that she had gone over many times herself but was unable to process. Your work is incredible.

You won't recall the reading you did for me last Summer, but I can assure you it was perfect. To date, you have also done two readings for my ex-wife, who thinks your work is incredible also.  Rob - UK

A huge thank you to Ivan of Avebury Tarot for the Zoom online reading. I was in a state of indecision and confusion and finding it very difficult to get out of it. He has such a gift in his ability to interpret the cards and communicate their meaning. His observations are succinct and individualised and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Ivan. Clair - UK  

Accurate, informative, excellent guidance, beautiful experience, very calming and supportive and showing me the way forward, a very positive experience.  J - UK