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My one day Introductory Tarot workshops are held two or three times a year in the gallery room of the beautiful Avebury Henge Shop, overlooking the standing stones. The next one is on Sunday 28th April 2019.

I describe this as an introductory workshop as there is only so much we can cover in one day. The intention is to give you a good enough start that you feel confident and inspired to continue strongly after the workshop.  That is when what you have learnt really starts to grow and mature as you progress your Tarot journey and give readings. There really is no substitute for personal experience and no matter how good your tuition was, if you do not put it into practice, its value will diminish.

This personal aspect extends to the cards themselves. My Tarot teacher told me early on to make my own pack, putting onto each card only what I felt in my heart I had understood and connected with about that card – even if was just one symbol!

I was to continue giving readings with my favourite pack (the Tarot of Frownstrong) and then later make another pack with what I had learnt since my first one. He told me when I have made my fifth pack I can call myself a Tarot reader!  So, after 40 years I am still a work in progress! 

After this introductory workshop you may continue with more in depth courses and maybe even start to make your own pack, but whatever you do, you must practice often and whenever you can


Avebury Tarot Introductory Workshop - overview

We start by looking at the various claims regarding the Tarot's origin and background, before discussing its purpose and usage.

We then look at how best to prepare ourselves and our environment for a Reading. As well as a valuable catalyst for guidance, it is also a powerful tool for self-development, so as with all such things, preparation is key to success.

We then work through each of the 22 Cards of the Major Arcana, acquiring a sense of their nature and meanings.  This session creates our own personal connection with each card, which will inform and guide our interpretations. 

In addition to gaining this basic knowledge of the individual cards, we also consider the more subtle, or 'unseen' aspects of the Tarot, including the role of synchronicity and the energetic principles at the heart of Tarot reading.

We cannot give great readings just by memorising the ‘meanings’ of the cards alone.  We have to feel them each time they appear. It is our ability to engage with our intuition that clarifies how they relate to and influence each other and thus the person having the reading, that makes the experience profound.

The landscapes and settings, figures, hieroglyphics, icons and astrological and numerological symbology of the cards have their own unique frequencies and reflect potent energetic influences. 

When our conscious knowledge of the cards meets our unconscious knowings, higher senses and intuition, our interpretations of the stories they are telling reach deeper and more meaningful levels. So learning the practices inherent in awakening, developing and trusting our intuition is also key. 

Next we learn some basic Spreads (layouts of the cards) and are now ready to practice some simple Tarot Readings. This part is particularly fun!

So the Avebury Tarot Introductory workshop is a journey to base camp, particularly suitable for those with moderate, little or no prior Tarot reading experience. Having said that, some more seasoned readers have also found it of benefit as they, like myself, never stop learning and growing our understandings of this profound art form. 

Participants leave feeling confident and well equipped to continue their Tarot journey and to start offering basic Readings to others. I strongly recommend they do as many as possible and as soon as possible after the workshop, to continue expanding their personal experience, knowledge and confidence. 

You are, of course, very welcome to bring your own Tarot pack if you already have one.  However the workshop tuition fee of £95.00 includes a new pack of the Tarot of Frownstrong or the Rider Waite Tarot, for you to use in the workshop and take with you afterwards.  The fee also includes a workshop manual and handouts.   Light refreshments are provided - you will need them!  But the course is a lot of fun too.

So if you think this is for you and would like to reserve your place on the next workshop, click the button below.

The Henge Shop, Avebury High Street, SN8 1RF

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